Renogy monitoring Screen for DC-DC MPPT Battery Charger Series


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The RMS-DCDC is a high precision meter designed for DC-DC MPPT Series onboard battery chargers. Engineered for an aesthetically clean and professional look once mounted, this meter can be flush-mounted and features a backlit LCD.

Utilize the 4-key input to navigate through the LCD for system information, configure charging parameters, as well as identify any error codes. The RMS-DCDC is the perfect companion, offering operator feedback on your 2-battery system and keeping you up to date with important system information.


• Dual Battery Monitoring

  • Stay informed about your house and auxiliary battery’s charging status and easily monitor the solar system’s overall health.

• Adjustable Parameters

  • Program your charger settings, volts, and amps directly through the monitoring screen.

• Plug and Play

  • Simply connect an RJ45 directly to your DC-DC and let the screen take care of the rest.

• Accurate Readings

  • Precise tracking and monitoring ensure the latest real-time solar and alternator charging information.

Compatible Models:  RBC50D1S  RBC30D1S


Supply Voltage: 5VDC Communication Port: RJ45 (RS485 Protocol)
Supply Current: 30mA Display: Backlit LCD
Power Consumption: <1W User Interface: 4 Front Menu Buttons
Operating Temperature Range: -4°F~113°F / -20°C~45°C Mounting System: Wall Mount
Voltage Accuracy: ±0.1V Dimension: 2.76 x 4.33 x 1.25 inch / 70 x 110 x 31.8 mm
Current Accuracy: ±0.1A Weight: 0.14 lbs / 62 g
Wire Length: 16.4ft / 5m

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