Looking for the best DC-DC Charger for your needs and budget ?  Hopefully this handy comparision will help!



Scroll side to side to get more information and there is a link to the batteries seller at the end.

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Spreadsheet Headings Information

Brand The actual brand of the battery, not the brand of the cells inside.
Model The model number of the charger being compared
Price The cost of the DC-DC Charger when entered into the sheet, this is not necessarily the best price.
Amps Rated charging Amps
Cost Per Amp Cost per Amp – Red most expensive – Green is cheapest
Battery Types The types of batteries the charger is compatible with, see below for more info.

(D x W x H) in mm

Max Solar Voltage The maximum rated solar voltage the charger can accept.
Max Alt Voltage Maximum voltage the charger can accept from the alternator
Operating Range In what temperature range the charger can still operate
IP Rating The IP Rating of the charger (Dust and Water protection)
Protections What electrical protections the charger provides, see below for key


Does the charge have a app for setup / monitoring.
Warranty Supplier warranty
Notes Any particular notes on the charger
URL The URL where you can buy from (Not necessarily the best price)


Battery Types Info :

WET – Standard old school flooded battery with the vents at the top etc.
AGM – Absorbent Glass Matt, usually used as a battery in camper trailers / Caravans
GEL – Maintenance Free Lead Acid, very similar to AGM, but uses a gel instead of a water like acid.
CAL – Calcium Battery
LTH – Lithium Battery


T – Temperature
R – Reverse
O – Over Voltage
U – Under Protection
S – Short

IP Rating:

Guide To Lighting IP Rating | Lighting Style